Graphic Design

Providing competitively priced graphic design and illustration for businesses big and small.

Head turning graphic design and illustration for your brand!

Red 5 Design offer competitively priced graphic design and illustration for all types of businesses.

Good graphic design and illustration is the combination of image and information in a style that communicates and influences those who view it with the aesthetics and ethos of the company.

Working closely with clients we discuss, research and produce ideas followed by combining words, pictures, line, colour, texture, size, shape, space and value to craft the perfect design.

We offer all aspects of graphic design and illustration including Corporate Branding, Editorial Design, Social Media Image and Post Design, Exhibition Design, Photo Retouching, Digital Renders and more. Illustration can be either digital or traditional with examples of both in the portfolio below.

Red 5 Design provide quality design work for everything a business needs to promote itself in the marketplace. Our work includes designs for:

  • Logos / Corporate Branding Guidelines
  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Booklets
  • Business Cards
  • Whiteboard Videos
  • Stickers
  • Exhibition and Display
  • Signage and Shop Displays
  • Vehicle Livery
  • Vehicle Renders
  • Garment embroidery and printing

We are also able to offer access to our competitive supplier of print, signage and textiles which means that Red 5 Design is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your promotional requirements.

Below you will find examples of the work we have undertaken.

Graphic Design Portfolio

Here you will find some of the graphic design work that we have undertaken with various clients ranging from business cards through to exhibition design.

Brochure Design

Business Card Design

Automotive Renders

These automotive renders were created digitally to show what the car would look like when it was converted to a Rally Cross car. The gallery shows the car both before and after rendering.

Exhibition Design

Exhibition design Shell Scheme for All Makes 4×4. The company wanted something unique and different looking for their stand at the 4×4 show to promote their off-road vehicle products. They chose to go for a traditionally drawn design rather than a photographic design. This was created by painting five individual illustrations by hand then scanning and digitally stitching them together into one design. It was then printed to fit the shell scheme. For individual images click here.

Pagoda exhibition design for KWSP. This design was created entirely digitally for KWSP’s Goodwood revival stand. It was designed to evoke the classic look of historic garage coupled with the modern technology of the company with real elements added to fill the space.

Flyer, Poster, Card and Social Media Banner Design



Digital Illustration

Red 5 Design offer digital illustration. If you require any illustration please get in touch.

Traditional Illustration

Red 5 Design also offer traditional illustration. If you require any illustration please get in touch.

Case Study for JR Motorsport

This gallery shows a case study of several types of graphic design work undertaken for JR Motorsports. Design work ranged from logo design through to business cards, brochures, driver posters and livery design.

Case Study for We Grow

This gallery shows a case study for We Grow, a micro green growing business. They needed a logo and branding guidelines for a new product they wanted to design. A render was also needed of their product that We Grow could use to show to a CAD designer to design and fabricate a micro green growing cabinet. Below you can see the logo, cabinet render and the completed cabinet. The idea behind the micro green cabinet is that it can be used to quickly grow nutrient rich micro greens in situations where food cannot be grown naturally.

Case Study for Project Move

Project MOVE is an initiative to use buses that are not currently being run due to the pandemic and give them a new lease of life to help test for and give inoculations for COVID 19 in places where people cannot easily do this such as rural locations. I was asked to design a logo to use for all the branding for this project to be used on everything from livery to clothing. Below you can see the logo and one of the buses. Check out the project here